Oh O”Zen, how I have missed you. It has been a staple during my time in London, but I have missed it since I left town and moved to Ottawa. So when I came back to London for a visit I made sure I squeeze in a meal at O”Zen! I didn’t feel like eating […]


According to Urbanspoon, El Camino is the top “Talk of the town” restaurant, so naturally W and I had to check it out. Since they don’t take reservation, I called ahead just to see how long the wait will be (it was cold and rainy outside) and was told it would be a 30 minute […]


Danji is a 1 Michelin Star Korean restaurant that A and I decided to try for lunch on our Winter trip to NYC. Dishes are a blend of modern flare with traditional Korean favourites. It results in food that is wildly delicious and catered for the western palate. The restaurant sports a funky interior that […]


For dinner tonight, W and I decided to visit The Manx, a pub located on Elgin St. We were very close to trying it out around a year ago but for some reason decided not to. We definitely are glad that we finally gave it a go. The Manx is the definition of “hole-in-the-wall” for […]


During our recent trip to Chicago, W and I were looking for a place to eat near Millennium Park and we landed in The Gage which is just east of the park. We were there around 10AM on a Saturday and it was pretty empty! We were seated quickly and service was good from the […]


We discovered Culinary Conspiracy through a recommendation from W’s friend. W had tried it with a couple buddies and he approved… so naturally I made W take me there for lunch today! The restaurant feels like a cafe, with a bar area. We arrived at around 1:30PM and there were a few patrons leaving, but […]


 W and I have been to Art Is In numerous times for their lunch but never brunch, and a couple weekends ago we finally made an effort to go and try out their Sunday brunch. The line was ridiculous. They’ve always had a line for even their lunch, but this line is at least 3x […]


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