Din Tai Fung – Takashimaya Tokyo

DTF Store Front

It is funny how our first meal in Tokyo is Din Tai Fung instead of something Japanese, but both W and I have wanted to try their famous Xiao Long Bao (XLB) forever. The location we visited is on the 12th floor of Takashimaya department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo. We got there pretty late (around 9PM) as our flight arrived Tokyo in the evening and there was still a line of around 20 people. Lines outside of restaurants seem to be common since many dining establishments have benches outside for eager diners. We waited about 30 minutes and then we were shuffled into the restaurant. Continue reading “Din Tai Fung – Takashimaya Tokyo”


Izakaya Mew – NYC

FrontW and I paid a visit to NYC again this holiday, we didn’t arrive till really late in the night so we were both starving. W found Izakaya Mew online and it has great review so we naturally we have to check it out. It was only one block from our hotel in Midtown so it’s a bonus after a long day of driving. Make sure you pay attention when looking for this restaurant as the entrance is not very obvious at all! Continue reading “Izakaya Mew – NYC”

O”ZEN – London, ON


Oh O”Zen, how I have missed you. It has been a staple during my time in London, but I have missed it since I left town and moved to Ottawa. So when I came back to London for a visit I made sure I squeeze in a meal at O”Zen! I didn’t feel like eating by myself at the restaurant so I ordered take out. I waited around 10 minutes at the restaurant, so it wasn’t too bad at all! The girl working there even offered me tea while I was waiting. Continue reading “O”ZEN – London, ON”