Gahm Mi Oak – NYC

GahmMiOak-kimchi GahmMiOak-sullongtang

A and I were looking for a small breakfast to carry us over before our trip back, and decided to head to Gahm Mi Oak for a traditional Korean breakfast. We were pleasantly surprised to find an amazing gem hidden away in the heart of Koreatown! Gahm Mi Oak offers an excellent selection of authentic Korean dishes such as seolleongtang (ox-tail soup), yuk hoe (marinated korean beef tartare) and soondae (korean pork sausage). We were only a bit peckish and decided to share a seolleongtang. The soup was milky white, deliciously creamy and full of tender slices of beef brisket and shank. I particularly like the fact that we had to salt the soup ourselves as it adds authenticity and prevents over-salting, a common problem I’ve had with other restaurants in the past. Overall, the meal was generous in size and came with a mild kimchi (suitable for people who don’t like extremely spicy or fishy kimchi) that was a highlight of the meal. The decor of Gahm Mi Oak is quaint and homely; their large tables made of roughly cut wooden planks were a creative touch. With the restaurant’s long operating hours (24/7, since the date of this post), its well suited for a warm winter breakfast or a meal after a night of heavy drinking and wild karaoke in Midtown.

A and I will be sure to visit again.

Restaurant info
Name: Gahm Mi Oak
Address: 43 W 32nd St, New york, NY 10001
Phone: +1 (212) 695-4133
Website: Click Here
Gahm Mi Oak on Urbanspoon


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