XOCO – Chicago


I have always wanted to try one of Chef Rick Bayless’ restaurants since I saw him on Top Chef Masters (Yes it’s been a while). Our hotel was located close to XOCO so we decided to grab breakfast there one morning during our 3 day stay.


Once we entered the restaurant, the hostess greeted us and assigned us a seat number before we had a chance to look at the menu and order our food at the counter. I found this weird since I’ve never been to a restaurant that use this system. Since it was our first time there, it took us a while to figure out what we want to order… and the hostess decided to give us another seat (table number) halfway through… Interesting. I feel like they could at least give us a number card or something instead of just telling us the numbers because they are random (and you need your table number to order). We have table 76 and then got changed to 10. I don’t understand! There were plenty of space in the restaurant but we got seated in the corner right in front of the electrical panel for some odd reason. Oh well.


When we finally decided what we want, we went up to the counter and ordered our food. I love limenades so I ordered the Limonada when I saw it on the menu. W ordered the Chocolate Expresso (which I have conveniently forgotten to picture, but it came in a little cup like that one in the Churros picture below). The limonada leaned towards the sour side, but it was still very refreshing.  The chocolate expresso tasted like expresso… then we realized all the chocolate were on the bottom when we got there. We didn’t have any utensil whatsoever to mix the expresso and chocolate so I guess we had an expresso shot.


We  sure were glad when we got the food because they were delicious! W ordered the Chorizo Egg Torta, which is a sandwich with scrambled eggs, chorizo, poblano raja’s, samuel’s cheese and avocado. I am going to be honest and say I am not sure what was that sauce but it went very well with the sandwich. The sandwich itself was great, everything went well together. It was an excellent sandwich overall!


Just thinking about the Pork Belly Chilaquiles makes me want to move to Chicago and eat it everyday (and find myself a good cardiologist). This was easily the absolute best pork belly I’ve ever had – Super tender and melts in my mouth. Underneath the pork belly there’s crunchy tortillas, tomatillo-serrano sauce, samuel’s cheese, scrambled eggs, and tatume squash. The tortillas weren’t crunchy by the time I got to them but when you mix everything together, it tastes soooooooooo good. Quite possibly one of the best dishes I’ve had in my 3 days in Chicago. Definitely the one I miss the most though!

XOCO-ChurrosWithChocoW ordered the Churros with Chocolate shot for dipping to share. Neither of us has actually had churros before. Hence we were quite surprised that it’s mostly crunchy, but not all the way to the centre. The chocolate dip was good but nothing spectacular. I quite enjoyed the churros on their own though.

Overall I am so glad we paid a visit to XOCO during our short trip to Chicago. Weird ordering/seating system and really minimal service, but the food more than made up for it. I highly highly recommend the Pork Belly Chilaquiles! During breakfast time you can only order from the breakfast menu (on-the-go, yogurt bar, made-to-order) and beverage, so we didn’t have a chance to try the rest of the menu. Hopefully we will be back to Chicago some time in the future so we can try more of the dishes from XOCO.

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