Art Is In Bakery Brunch – Ottawa

ArtIsInBrunch-StoreFront W and I have been to Art Is In numerous times for their lunch but never brunch, and a couple weekends ago we finally made an effort to go and try out their Sunday brunch.


The line was ridiculous. They’ve always had a line for even their lunch, but this line is at least 3x as long, this picture was taken when I was in the middle of the line, and there’s maybe 25 if not more people in front of us in the line! Apparently it has never been this busy before. I wonder what brought all the people here that weekend…

ArtIsInBrunch-BreakfastBurgerWhen we finally got to the front of the line, W picked the Open Face Brunch Burger. It’s basically a steak burger with bacon, arugula and a sunny side up egg. I wonder if any dish can be turned into breakfast/brunch is an egg is put on it? I digress. W commented on saying it tasted like any other burger and there’s nothing really special about it. I have to agree with him on this one.

ArtIsInBrunch-EggsBennySalmonI am a huge lover of Eggs Benedicts so of course I ordered House Benny with Smoked Salmon. The eggs were poached well, and the hollandaise sauce was on point. However, the smoked salmon was meh. It tasted more fishy than other smoke salmon I’ve had unfortunately. My favourite part of this dish is actually the shredded potatoes and spicy ketchup. I think there’s a bit of cheese in the shredded potatoes, which made it extra delicious! The pineapples chunks were a bonus for me (I love pineapples)!

ArtIsInBrunch-BreakfastPoutineSince we lined up for so long we figured we might as well get the Breakfast Poutine to go and share later on in the day. The fries were crispy, and there isn’t a lot of gravy. It can be good or bad depending on if you like your poutine smothered with gravy, or more on the dry side. W liked it because it’s one of the “driest” poutine he’s had. It also came with tons of veggies (zucchini, asparagus, mushroom, cauliflower). If there’s veggies, it means it’s healthy right? Just kidding. I faintly remember on the menu it said there’s an egg, but it’s not in ours! (Although I could be wrong about the egg…)

ArtIsInBrunch-CronutW spotted some cronuts on the bakery counter and couldn’t resist getting one. We weren’t able to grab one during our visit to Dominique Ansel a few months ago so this is actually our first time trying cronuts. It was yummy, and as described it’s a cross between croissant and donut. I’m glad we tried it here instead of trying to line up for one at Dominique Ansel, because I don’t think it’s worth lining up for!

We thought the brunch was okay, but I don’t think we will go back and line up for brunch any time soon. There’s a huge parking lot in front of the store so parking really shouldn’t be an issue. Also, there’s two “stores” with the name “Art Is In” in the complex, make sure you head for the one on the left (112-114)! The one on the right is for wholesale. We will definitely head back for some delicious lunch sandwich at some point. They easily have the best sandwich in town… but that’s another post. 

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